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Focused mainly on providing e-market research, in all forms, to our clients we do so much more for those under the Viking Swim umbrella.
Our Great Services

Viking Swim offers the best services when it comes to e-market research and analysis.

  • Advice from our team of experts
  • Open lines of communication whenever you need to reach out
  • Tried, tested and true solutions to common problems
  • Long-term problem-solving techniques
  • Daily, weekly and monthly follow-ups
E-market Research
Our number one specialty, you will not regret coming to us for all of your e-market research needs. Take a look at our packages and see which one works best for you and your business.

Starting At

$157.35 /hour
  • All Major Search Engines
  • Key Words
  • Increase Online Presence

Due to the ever evolving nature of technology, SEO has quickly become a sought after tool when trying to attain more traffic on a website. Our consultants are experts in altering your website so that it ranks higher up in all major search engines. Choose the package that’s right for you!

e-Comm Consulting

Starting At

$104.98 /hour
  • Business and Product Driven
  • Hourly Pricing Options
  • Trained Professionals

Our E-Commerce consultants are here to boost your knowledge and your confidence when entering the e-comm world. Choose from an array of options based on your needs and what you want to get out of our product. All consulting will be handled by our experts and inform you on current methods and practices.

e-Market Research

Starting At

  • Efficient and Proven Methods
  • Quick Results
  • Targeted Surveys

Receive market intelligence based on your target demographic. Our packages allow you to receive constant updates on current campaigns to judge effectiveness allowing you to adjust your future plans accordingly. All of our research is paired with analytics so you can make a full assessment on the situation.

View Our Other Packages
While we focus mainly on the writing aspect of a job we also have various other packages aimed at helping a business or individual expand their business. Come check out our packages below and watch your presence grow faster than you ever thought possible.
Monthly Newsletters

Starting At

$62.94 /month
  • Designed To Your Brand
  • Customized Mailing List
  • Fresh, New Designs

Our Monthly Newsletters allow for both internal and external memos that let you and your business get information out to those who matter. Our packages come in a wide variety of options which let you choose who, when and what your audience sees.


Starting At

$78.68 /month
  • Monthly Options
  • Customized Design
  • Choose Your Audience

Send out E-Blasts to a specific audience, a mailing list or even employees. Our packages allow for complete customization giving you the choice to pick who sees what. Choose between weekly or monthly options giving you full control of what information gets shared.

Business Card Design

Starting At

$50.00 /hour
  • High Quality
  • Quick Delivery
  • Unique Design

Make sure your clients remember you and your business when you leave them with your very own business card. Our designs are new, exciting and are sure to turn heads. Available on a per hour basis to ensure you get the results you want.

Content Creation

Starting At

  • Custom Content
  • Tailored To Your Market
  • Quick, efficient service

Our content writers can create pages that entertain, inform or engage viewers of all ages. We have a team of talented writers who are constantly turning out text for our clients, no matter what their needs. We have provided detailed documentation for instruction manuals, product descriptions, marketing campaigns and so much more.


Starting At

$52.45 /month
  • Long-form or short-form entries
  • Fun, engaging posts
  • Experience on all platforms

Blogging to keep your readers in the know regarding your product or business is a proven tool to keep your clientele engaged and interested in your business. With our experts you can rest easy knowing that the pertinent information is reaching the right people, the right way. Sign up based on word count and even add monthly renewal options.

Social Management

Starting At

$41.96 /Package
  • Trained in all social media channels
  • Gain likes and followers quickly
  • Connect with your audience

Social Media has quickly become one of the fastest and most efficient ways of reaching your target audience quickly. As such, your clientele can easily reach you as well. Our Social Media Management packages allow us to monitor and offer reports based off of user interaction as well as increase brand awareness across media channels.

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